Safeguarding Post-Laming: Initial scoping study

Mary Atkinson

31 March 2010

The purpose of this initial scoping study was to identify research and grey literature which has been produced since the Laming report (i.e. since March 2009) and to provide a summary of the key findings.

Key Findings

  • Database searches revealed a total of 48 relevant items, the majority of which were journal articles. The greatest number of these was focused on safeguarding generally. These included good practice guidance, assessing the quality of safeguarding services and interagency training and information sharing following the Laming recommendations.
  • Website searches revealed a total of 41 relevant items. The majority of these were responses from national organisations to the Laming Report or articles and press releases about their responses to the Laming report
  • The following are suggested as potential areas for further research: a literature review examining the key messages from current literature about safeguarding practice post Laming and analysis of local authority responses and progress reports which have been produced in the light of the Laming recommendations in order to inform local authority practice.

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