School Approaches to Supporting Students to Remain Engaged at Key Stage 4: Baseline Case Study Report

Kelly Kettlewell, Eleanor Stevens, Helen Everett, Clare O'Beirne

07 February 2014

This research examines the impact of school-based programmes that are in place to support students aged 14-16 who are at risk of temporary disconnection from learning. This is a longitudinal research study that will track the progress of students on the support programmes through to the end of Year 11. The baseline visit comprised interviews with key stakeholders including teaching staff, senior leaders, careers staff and delivery partners and focus groups with students. Students also completed a short survey about their attitudes to learning.

This document presents nine case-studies which provide an overview of the support programmes, how they are run and the types of students involved. The next stage of the evaluation will involve follow-up telephone interviews in spring 2014 with programme leads to examine progress to date.

This research forms part of NFER’s From Education to Employment research programme which examines approaches that support young people to carve themselves a route to employment and therefore prevent them from becoming NEET.

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