School Organisation - Partnering for Success

Shirley Goodwin

01 October 2008

This portfolio of resources represents the outcomes of the EMIE/ADCS conferences on School Organisation: Partnering for Success held in spring 2008. The conferences included keynote speeches and workshops through which local authority (LA) officers, school leaders and key people from other national bodies shared with the participants their experiences of partnering, trust arrangements and 14-19 collaboration. It comprises three booklets, covering the following themes:

  • overview of partnering
  • setting up trusts
  • developing 14-19 collaborative agreements

The portfolio, including case studies, provides LA and school leaders with an overview of the legal and policy context for partnering, and is a useful guide through the labyrinth of pathways that lead to achieving successful partnering across schools and with external bodies. One of the reasons for partnering is to share, benefit and learn from each other's experience: the case studies in these booklets should do the same for LA officers and school leaders.

Printed version ISBN: 978 1 906792 10 7

About the author

Shirley Goodwin is currently working for Partnerships for Schools providing education advice and consultancy for local authorities' Building Schools for the Future programmes. She was previously a local authority director of education, having begun her career in teaching some 35 years ago.

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