Study of the Transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1

Caroline Sharp, Anna Eames, Hilary Grayson, Gabrielle White, Dawn Sanders, Bethan Burge, Rhona McEune

05 April 2005

This study set out to provide an evidence base concerning the effectiveness of the transition from the Foundation Stage (which applies to children aged three to five years) and Year 1 (for children aged five to six).

Key Findings

The findings suggest that there are some issues that present challenges for children, staff and parents during children’s transition to Year 1.

  • Teachers said that they were able to manage the transition, but felt that some areas remained problematic.
  • Interviews with children highlighted the influence of the curriculum and pedagogy on children’s enjoyment of learning
  • Parents wanted more information about transition. They wanted to know what would be expected of their children, so they could help them prepare for Year 1.
  • The case-study schools had adopted a variety of strategies aimed at smoothing transition. These tended to focus on three areas: induction of children into Year 1; continuity of practice between Reception and Year 1; and communication between staff, parents and children.