Supporting the Development of Children and Young People's Plans (CYPPs): The Case-study Data

Mary Atkinson, Emily Lamont

14 July 2008

As from April 2006 all local authorities were required to prepare and publish a Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP) that will be reviewed annually. The first phase of this study involved analysis of the 2007 CYPPs, with a particular focus on the commissioning process and the areas of safeguarding and looked-after children (LAC). The first report, published in May 2008, presents the findings from this analysis.

This second phase of the study involved qualitative research examining the planning processes. As such, this report details the findings from six local authority case studies which focused on examining the planning processes involved in the development of CYPPs in more depth.

Six local authorities were selected as case studies on the basis of the information analysed within their CYPP and using information from local authority APA letters. In addition, in keeping with the themes utilised within the analysis of the plans, two of the local authorities were selected as exemplars for commissioning, two for safeguarding and two for LAC.

The findings from the case studies cover the following areas: planning structures and support; alignment with other planning processes; developing and using CYPPs; benefits, challenges and good practice.

See the project summary for an overview of the project.