Survey of Teachers 2010: Support to improve teaching practice

Peter Rudd, Helen Poet, Joanne Kelly

09 December 2010

The GTC Annual Survey of Teachers 2010 was designed to explore the key questions of how teachers improve their practice and what supports them to do so, based on a large, nationally representative sample of teachers. Research was undertaken by NFER via a representative survey of registered teachers which explored teachers’ experiences of the different forms of support they receive to help them maintain and develop their teaching practice. Teachers were asked for their views on the following:

  • their participation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • their involvement in activities to improve teaching practice
  • use of observation and feedback
  • use of research
  • performance management, and
  • the professional standards.

In addition to gathering the views of a nationally representative sample of teachers, the survey also captured the views of an additional booster sample of teachers defining themselves as being from a Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background. The findings from the booster sample are presented in a separate report.
Survey of teachers 2010: BME report
Helen Poet, Peter Rudd and Joanne Kelly


The NFER also conducted a series of qualitative, in-depth interviews which are reported separately. While the focus of the survey was what teachers do to inform and improve their practice, the interviews probed what motivates and facilitates their actions to improve.
How teachers approach practice improvement
Helen Poet, Peter Rudd and Robert Smith


A final report has been published which contains additional analysis by role type and level of experience to further explore the findings that emerged in the main report.
Survey of teachers 2010: Analysis by teacher role and experience
Helen Poet, Joanne Kelly and Helen Aston

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