Teacher Voice Omnibus May 2013 Survey: Pupil Behaviour

Helen Aston, Harriet Weaving

04 July 2013

Research report on the gov.uk website

The Department for Education submitted questions to the May 2013 NFER Teacher Voice omnibus survey which asked teachers about their perceptions of pupil behaviour; training and support in behaviour management; teacher powers and school policies on behaviour and on pupils’ use of mobile phones; and perceptions around the causes of poor pupil behaviour and parents’ respect for a teacher’s authority to discipline pupils. Some questions were included in previous Teacher Voice surveys. 1703 teachers completed the survey in May 2013, providing a nationally representative and up-to-date picture of practice.

Key Findings

  • Respondents were largely positive about the standard of pupil behaviour in their schools
  • The majority of teachers felt well equipped to manage pupil behaviour
  • Around half of teachers agreed that appropriate training to manage pupil behaviour is available in their school for all classroom teachers
  • Over half of respondents agreed that generally parents respect a teacher’s authority to discipline pupils
  • Parental influences or the home environment were the most commonly selected factors causing poor behaviour in schools
  • More than half of teachers said they always feel confident that senior staff would support them when disciplining a pupil.

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Teacher Voice Omnibus May 2013 Survey

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