The Development of Values, Attitudes and Personal Qualities: A review of recent research

Monica Taylor, Mark Halstead

01 February 2000

Schools are charged with the responsibility of developing young people's values, attitudes and personal qualities alongside their academic abilities. National policies exhort schools to demonstrate particular values and guidance suggests certain practices. But how are schools to know what works, by which means and in what contexts?

This comprehensive review of research published in English over the last decade interprets key concepts in this controversial area; clarifies realistic cognitive and affective goals for schools; indicates positive strategies in teaching and learning and the life of the school; and reviews assessment and evaluation methods which identify pupil change. It does this by addressing 18 Key Topics of ongoing relevance which frequently concern teachers, highlighting the implications of research for school policies and practices, for inspection, and for initial and in-service training. A major bibliography facilitates in-depth reading on each topic.