The Impact of Console Games in the Classroom: Evidence from schools in Scotland

Jen Groff, Cathrin Howells, Sue Cranmer

01 January 2010

This research was commissioned by Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) in partnership with Futurelab. The main focus of the project was to identify the educational benefits of console gamebased learning in primary and secondary schools. The project also sought to understand how the benefits of educational gaming could transfer to other settings and, in particular, how the model of the Learning and Teaching Scotland Consolarium – the national centre for games and learning that explores and supports game-based learning (GBL) in the classroom – could be modified, extended or enhanced. For this purpose, research was carried out in classrooms in Scotland to explore learning with games played on games consoles, such as PlayStations, Xboxes and Wiis. Interviews were carried out with school leaders, classroom teachers and students in 19 schools followed up by a series of lesson observations in four of these schools.