The Integration of Pupils with Special Educational Needs into Mainstream Schools: Interim report

Barbara Lee

01 May 1996

Children with special educational needs are increasingly being educated in mainstream schools as a result of legislation, LEA policy and changing attitudes. However, pressures on resources, competition between schools, and the effects of greater parental choice may affect whether a child attends a mainstream or a special school.

The NFER project is investigating the impact of recent educational and resourcing strategies on integration, at LEA and school level and this report covers the first stage of the enquiry.

This interim report draws on data derived from a questionnaire survey of LEAs and follow-up interviews with key LEA staff. It gives details on:

  • LEA policy on integration;
  • LEA support for implementing their integration policy;
  • the placements of pupils with statements of special educational need;
  • parental choice of school;
  • LEA monitoring and evaluation strategies.

The emerging issues from this phase of the work are also discussed and reference is made to the areas being investigated in school-based case studies, as part of the second phase of the project.