Widening 14-19 Choices: Support for Young People Making Informed Decisions

Sarah Golden , Tami McCrone , Helen Marson-Smith

06 July 2009

This summary looks across NFER's recent work in the area of 14-19 education and young people's choices and addresses the following questions.

  • How can young people be best supported to make decisions in general?
  • How are young people making decisions about subjects, courses, types of qualifications and learning institutions, given the broad provision available at 14?
  • How do providers of 14-19 education recruit and retain young people on courses at 14?
  • How can young people be supported once they have made their decisions?
  • How do decisions made at age 14 affect later decisions which young people make?
  • What are the implications of these findings for practice and for the provision of support?