Young People and e-safety: The Results of the 2015 London Grid for Learning e-safety Survey

Karen Wespieser

12 May 2015

This report looks at the online activities of London’s young people. The report highlights that children and young people use technology to have fun, study and communicate with others. Most children and young people have positive experiences online. On the whole they are sensible online and do not put themselves ‘at risk’. However, the research also identified a number of areas where schools can support young people – and their families – in increasing their online safety.

Data was collected via online survey and the sample size used in the report was 14,309.

Key Findings

  • Young people report that they spend their time online doing school work or studying
  • Over half of young people report that they use social network sites
  • Many children play games not suitable for their age
  • The issue that affects the most children is bullying
  • Around one in six young people reported that they have found or been sent things online which made them feel uncomfortable or worried.

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