Three years on - Covid-19 impact and recovery

June 2023 marks three years since the first full year groups began to return to face-to-face learning after the first Covid-19 lockdown and partial school closures.

To support schools in your continued recovery efforts, NFER Classroom has created two videos where we discuss and summarise research insights to date around COVID-19 disruption, along with practical evidence-based recommendations on areas of focus schools may wish to consider. Each video covers a specific theme:

  • Wellbeing and mental health of primary- and secondary-aged children and young people
  • Attainment in primary school pupils

They are designed to support teachers and school leaders as well as providing a resource to share with members of the wider school community, including parents and governors, when questions arise around the topics we cover.

Wave 1 Overview Report

Video: The impact of Covid-19 disruption on children and young people's wellbeing and mental health

This summary looks at key insights and recommendations from research that covers children and young people of all school ages.
Impact Of Ks1 Closures 2

Video: The impact of Covid-19 disruption on the attainment of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils

This summary covers key insights and recommendations around the impact of Covid-19 disruption on attainment of primary-aged children.
Resource Links Publications

Resource links and research publications

Find links and references to the resources and research publications discussed in our two summary videos.

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