Evaluation of post-16 GCSE maths professional development

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White Rose Maths (WRM) has been funded by the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver professional development rooted in the mastery approach to teachers in further education teaching GCSE maths resits/Functional skills maths. The professional development will be delivered to 40 FE colleges across the UK between February 2023 and March 2025.

Lasting 14 months, the professional development will aim to build teachers’ knowledge, develop teaching techniques and embed changes to practice. It is hoped that these changes will lead to learners’ improved confidence and progress in GCSE maths/Functional skills maths.

The evaluation will include a baseline and endpoint survey of teachers and six face-to-face case studies. Within each college, an interview will be undertaken with a senior leader, the maths specialist lead, and teachers participating in the professional development. The research will also include focus groups with students. The evaluation will explore perceptions of the effectiveness and outcomes of the professional development.