Careers Engagement: A Good Practice Brief for Leaders of Schools and Colleges

NFER, ASCL, ATL, 157 Group

10 April 2014

Also available: CEIAG audit tool (Word)

Careers engagement: a good practice brief for leaders of schools and colleges is published in partnership between NFER, ASCL, ATL and the 157 Group of colleges who have come together to support schools and colleges to help young people to take charge of their careers and futures.

The good practice brief highlights the principles of effective careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in schools and colleges as evidenced and agreed by the four organisations. It provides practical advice on putting CEIAG plans into action, how to engage employers, and offers guidance to schools and colleges in assessing their careers provision in an easy-to-use format providing a workable approach for this important area.

The guide outlines how to:

  • audit and establish CEIAG priorities
  • put into practice plans using some suggested methods and tools
  • review, evaluate and revise a plan.

This unique collaboration brings together experts from schools and colleges in response to concern about the quality of careers guidance available to many young people. This follows the introduction in 2013 of the statutory duty on schools and colleges to secure independent and impartial careers provision for their students in years 8-13.

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ASCL, ATL, NFER and the 157 Group