We will be publishing a number of outputs across the lifespan of the programme. Our key insights will be published across the following waves:

Wave 1:
The nature and scale of the challenge (July 2021 to May 2023)

Wave 2: Identifying skills gaps and vulnerable groups (May 2023 to April 2024)

Wave 3: The role of the education section (May 2024 to September 2025)

Wave 4: Synthesis of the evidence – what is the skills imperative 2035? (September 2025 onwards)


Working Paper 1

Working Paper 2

Working Paper 2a

Working Paper 2b

Working Paper 2c

Working Paper 2 data

Occupational Outlook – Long-run employment prospects for the UK
UK nation, English region and sub-regional breakdowns of labour market projections

Working Paper 3

An analysis of the demand for skills in the labour market in 2035
Projections of essential employment skills needed in future jobs, plus estimates of 'skills demand' in 2035

Also see

The Skills Imperative 2035: Essential Skills for tomorrow's workforce - Occupational Outlook
On the 13th October 2022, at the 'Skills Imperative 2035' hybrid launch event, Professor Rob Wilson from the Institute of Employment Research (IER) at Warwick University discussed the key findings from analysis conducted into future labour market trends.