International Meeting of Psychometric Society 2021

Tuesday 20 July 2021

09:00 - 17:00


Constructing a Rasch scale

When measuring a latent variable through a survey instrument, researchers take the appropriate steps to ensure that such an instrument appropriately and accurately measures the variable(s) of interest. Decisions ranging from the number and type of items (open-ended, closed ended, ranking, etc.) to include to recruiting the appropriate respondents are made. However, when constructing a survey instrument from a Rasch perspective, an additional step is needed to ensure that the instrument contains a linear array of hierarchical survey items which will allow the instrument to be analysed through Rasch measurement theory (RMT).

On 21 July, NFER’s Research Director Charalambos Kollias will demonstrate how a Rasch scale can be constructed from its inception to its analysis. Through the use of an extended example, the steps to construct a variable of interest and the type of analysis needed will be illustrated and discussed.

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