Making the most of the recovery and pupil premium conference

Monday 27 February 2023

09:00 - 15:30


Westminster Insight are holding their ‘Making the Most of the Recovery and Pupil Premium Conference’ to bring together experts to discuss how to maximise use of pupil premium funding, implement successful strategies and evidence progress.

At 9.25am, NFER’s Chief Social Scientist, Dr Angela Donkin, will be giving a keynote address on ‘Understanding the Impact of Pupil Premium - Reviewing Recent Attainment Trends of Disadvantaged Children’. Dr Donkin will be drawing on research from NFER’s ‘Investigating the changing landscape of pupil disadvantage’ report, which finds that the pupils who became newly eligible for free school meals during the pandemic were disproportionately drawn from more disadvantaged areas, and from schools which were most disadvantaged before the pandemic.

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