Evaluation of Deloitte’s Five Million Futures UK Education Programme

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5MF is Deloitte’s North South Europe (NSE) social impact strategy which aims to help five million people get to where they want to be by 2030 – whether this is in the classroom, the workplace or the boardroom. It intends to reach this goal by helping people to overcome barriers to education and employment through raising aspirations, improving skills and developing leaders. In the UK, the education strand is critical to the success of 5MF. It aims to deliver tangible impacts on society, whilst also developing the skills and capabilities of Deloitte staff.

Twenty-nine school partnerships are currently participating in the 5MF schools programme.

NFER completed an initial evaluation for Deloitte in summer 2021 and is undertaking some further evaluation activity in summer 2022. This follow-on study comprises two strands:

  • an exploration of the usage and benefits of the 100 laptops that Deloitte donated to its partner schools during 2021
  • a small number of in-depth school case studies exploring their journey in engaging with Deloitte and the benefits that students and teachers have gained.

The research includes virtual/telephone interviews with school staff, students and Deloitte volunteers.