Evaluation of the National Tutoring Programme Year 2

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Privacy notice for pupils attending Research Champion schools
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This project will evaluate the impact of all three routes of the National Tutoring Programme (NTP): Tuition Partners (TP); Academic Mentors (AM); and School-Lead Tutoring (SLT). As part of this evaluation we are keen to include schools involved in the NTP as well as those who are not (or who have not decided yet); participation from each group of schools is key to its success.

The NTP is a national programme of subsidised tuition targeted at disadvantaged pupils needing catch up support, to be delivered over the 2021/22 – 2023/24 academic years (please note that the current evaluation is focused on delivery in the 2021/22 academic year). Tutoring will be available for academic Years 1 to 11 in English, maths, science, humanities and modern foreign languages (the evaluation will focus on maths and English).

Randstad will be overseeing the delivery of this programme in the academic year 2021-2022. Schools sign up to the programme via the Tuition Hub. More information about the NTP programme can be found here.

The Department for Education (DfE) has commissioned an independent evaluation of the NTP, which will be led by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). The evaluation aims to quantify the overall impact of the NTP on pupil attainment. It will explore the impact of the NTP on attainment for pupils, by comparing outcomes for pupils involved in the programme with those who are not involved. It will also investigate teacher perceptions of whether the NTP has affected workloads, the effect of the NTP on school’s pupil premium spend, and reasons for non-engagement for non-participating schools.

The evidence generated through this evaluation will help policy-makers and schools to support learners during the continued Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

How to take part in the research

In order to carry out this evaluation, we are looking to recruit a pool of schools willing to take part in the research. It is important to note that ALL schools are welcome to take part, both those participating in the NTP and those that are NOT (or have not decided yet).

These schools will be asked to fill in a short sign-up form, sharing their plans for the use of standardised assessments in the current academic year (if you are using standardised assessments, NFER will seek your permission to obtain the data directly from the assessment provider), and agreeing to complete an online school survey in the spring term.

All schools filling in the form will be invited to complete the survey. In addition, those that have the specific testing patterns already planned for the year, will be asked to share pupil data (for specific target year groups) and become School Research Champions. School Research Champions will be able to display a Research Champion badge on their website and school communications to show their additional commitment to the research. Schools that help us in this way will give a vital contribution to the production of evidence on the impact of tuition and mentoring, by providing a way for us to compare schools participating in the NTP programme with similar schools that are not taking part.

For detailed information about what participating in the research will involve, please read carefully the School Information Sheet.

If you would like your school to be part of the evaluation, please complete to Expression of Interest form at https://surveys.nfer.ac.uk/uc/Research/NTPEvaluation/Eol1/

For more information about what personal data will be collected as part of the research, and how this will be processed, please read the relevant Privacy Notices linked at the top of this page.