Assessment for Learning: Literacy - practical resources for the classroom. Resource Pack 9-10

Liz Twist, Marian Sainsbury, Juliet Sizmur

01 February 2006

Man and Machine debates our use of machines - past, present and future - through a range of text types including magazine articles, labelled diagrams and poetry. A selection of reading and writing activities focus on instruction writing, note taking, features of written reports and poetry. This pack will also lend itself well to further cross-curricular activities for example in design technology or citizenship.

Ancient Greece includes a playscript, an information text and a Greek myth through which pupils are encouraged to explore character development, use of language and the features of myth and legend. The reading booklet is a rich resource from which many additional learning opportunities might be developed, for example in drama, speaking and listening and humanities.

The literacy activities in these resource packs are designed to encourage pupils to focus on the learning intentions, learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and develop the skills to monitor their own learning in line with the principles of Assessment for Learning research.