National Evaluation of Creative Partnerships: Final Report

Caroline Sharp, David Pye, Jenny Blackmore, Ekua Brown, Anna Eames, Claire Easton, Caroline Filmer-Sankey, Audrey Tabary, Karen Whitby, Rebekah Wilson, Tom Benton

05 November 2007

A team at NFER was responsible for the national evaluation of Creative Partnerships in its first two years. The evaluation included surveys of schools, creative partners, children and young people as well as interviews with parents.

This publication is the final report of the research project.

The evaluation team also carried out case studies in 11 schools. A third strand examined the impact of Creative Partnerships on the attainment of young people.

Key Findings

  • The evaluation concluded that Creative Partnerships had moved quickly into implementation and that cross curricular projects involving true partnership working had a real potential to make a difference to schools.
  • The most commonly identified outcomes of Creative Partnerships for young people in case study schools were creativity, personal development and communication.
  • Compared with similar young people nationally, young people who attended Creative Partnerships activities made either similar or slightly better progress in their national curriculum assessments. Compared with other young people in the same schools, those known to have attended Creative Partnerships activities performed slightly better at all three key stages.

Related Titles

National evaluation of Creative Partnerships , National evaluation of Creative Partnerships , National evaluation of Creative Partnerships , longer-term impact of creative partnerships on the attainment of young people , Evaluation of the nature and impact of the Creative Partnerships programme on the teaching workforce , impact of Creative Partnerships on attainment and attendance in 2008-9 and 2009-10

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