NFER Teacher Voice Omnibus - Questions for the Department for Education

Sarah Lynch, David Sims, Kelly Kettlewell, Anneka Dawson, Sarah Walkey

03 November 2014

Research Brief
Statistical Summary

The Department for Education submitted questions to the March (wave 1) and May 2014 (wave 2) NFER Teacher Voice omnibus surveys and additionally to the senior leader booster surveys in March- May (wave 1) and June (wave 2) and have produced a combined report of the findings.

Questions in wave 1 focused on the new national curriculum, accountability indicators for secondary school teachers and universal free school meals for primary school teachers and the sample consisted of 1430 senior leaders (head teachers or assistant/ deputy heads). Wave 2 questions also focused on the new national curriculum and universal free school meals as well as initial teacher training, pupil behaviour, ‘need to know’ timelines and raising the participation age. Wave 2 asked questions of senior leaders and classroom teachers and had 2425 respondents.

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