Reimagining Outdoor Learning Spaces: Primary capital, co-design and educational transformation

Tim Rudd

01 January 2008

This handbook focuses on the use and utility of outdoor space for play and learning, and aims to support those thinking about redesigning their outdoor spaces as part of the Primary Capital Programme or other initiatives.

This handbook is not, however, a ‘how to’ manual, or an attempt to present a set of rigid guidelines or recommendations. There is a vast array of specific needs, visions, aims and local contexts that will mediate the precise way outdoor play and learning spaces are utilised and configured. Rather it is an attempt to inspire, provoke thinking, offer a range of links, examples and ideas that encourage the reimagining of outdoor learning and play spaces, rather than to merely reproduce newer versions of what has gone before. It urges those involved in redesign to be innovative, radical, pioneering and to rethink the possibilities offered by this once-in-a-generation opportunity to help reshape and improve the broad educational experience for all young people.

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