Evaluation of Children’s University effectiveness RCT

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Children’s University is a programme that aims to improve the aspirations and attainment of pupils by encouraging, tracking and celebrating participation in learning activities beyond the normal school day. Local Children’s University partners support schools to provide a range of learning opportunities, such as after school clubs, projects and enrichment activities, and work with local destinations and learning providers such as libraries, sports clubs, historic centres, museums, or anywhere that offers structured learning activities for children.

In 2017, the EEF funded an efficacy trial of Children’s University, which showed a direct link between participation in Children’s University and increased achievement in reading and Maths. EEF is now funding the delivery and evaluation of Children’s University as an effectiveness trial. Children’s University Trust, along with the local Children’s Universities will be responsible for delivering the programme. NFER is undertaking an independent evaluation through an effectiveness randomised controlled trial (RCT).

The trial will evaluate the effect of the Children’s University programme on pupils’ Key Stage 2 maths and reading as well as a number of self-reported non-cognitive outcomes.

The programme will be delivered for two academic years (September 2021 - July 2023) and the evaluation report will be published in 2024.

For further details about the trial, please visit this page.