Generation STEM work experience

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Generation STEM (Gen Stem) is a work experience programme developed by CSW Group to provide quality, relevant work experience to students in year 10. The aim is for students with an interest in STEM to get a placement in a job area related to their specific interests and career aspirations and to complete relevant work whilst they are at the placement.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is funding the delivery and evaluation of Gen Stem. Careers Enterprise Company (CEC) is funding part of the delivery in the Cornwall region. CSW Group is overseeing the delivery of the programme. NFER is undertaking an independent evaluation of the programme through a randomised controlled trial (RCT). The main aim of the RCT is to explore the impact of the programme on student attainment in science and maths measured by Key Stage 4 outcomes. The trial will also investigate the impact of the programme on students’ attitudes to learning and engagement in studies; their selection of STEM subjects at A-levels and their school attendance. The implementation and process evaluation will gather information to validate the logic model, to investigate adherence to the design, to explore how the programme was implemented and reasons behind variations and adaptations, if observed.